Work in Progress – Vogue 1285

Work in Progress – Vogue 1285

We are literally living out of garbage bags at the moment, but I STILL have my sewing area set up. That will be the last thing to be dismantled hehe. So in between packing and the remodel on our new home in Napa I managed to squeeze in some time to sew. I cut out this pattern about a month ago. This is a Tracy Reese pattern. I wasn’t initially attracted to the pictures, probably because they used a stick thin model who does the dress no favors. But the line drawing looked interesting.

It’s pretty intense with all of the darts and bands. Lots and lots of fiddling because the bodice darts have to line up perfectly with the skirt darts at the waist. Oh, I should also mention that the darts are sewn, inside out – the flap is on the right side of the dress.

The pattern is really more for a sheer knit and has an underdress:

But I had this Joanns bargain bin fabric lying around and I really need to put a dent in my stash, (which took a few trips to move to the new house!) Now that I have almost finished the outer dress I don’t think I am going to make the underdress as this fabric is not sheer at all.

I still have to finish the side invisible zipper and the hem. Overall, I like the way it is looking on me. The darts, although fiddly to match up top to bottom,  add a lot of shape to the design.

Hopefully I will have it done soon, but it may have to wait until after we move in the next couple of weeks.

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