The Ubuntu Top – New Look 6149 And MY new look

The Ubuntu Top – New Look 6149 And MY new look

I just finished redesigning my blog and moving it back over to Blogger. Yep, I designed it all myself!! I had to change the cartoon of me a little because 2 weeks ago I got my hair completely chopped and she originally had long flowing hair!
Do you always have the urge to wear something new everytime you go out? I certainly do, and of course most of the time, I will end up making it. Sometimes I give myself a ridiculous time window to complete and that was the case with this evening out. Luckily I had this New Look pattern in my stash and a remnant of ITY print fabric that I had been dying to make something out of.


I felt like calling this ‘how to whip up something in 2 hours’ but since I seem to be going with restaurant themes, I decided to keep the theme going. Since we are moving to wine country, we are starting to explore restaurants in the area. Our goal is to eat and drink our way through Napa!
Last night was dinner at a vegetarian restaurant called Ubuntu in downtown Napa (delicious!!). Then it was off to see Ottmar Liebert at the Napa Valley Opera House. He’s a flamenco guitarist concert so all I could think of was that I must wear something bold and what is more bold than red?

Unfortunately, there was not enough material for a dress and barely enough material for this top! I had to shorten the arms considerably. Luckily I could lengthen it 2 inches for my long torso. Very easy to put together and I used my serger cover stitch for all of the hems. It still ended up feeling a skosh short on me, but atleast I could finally do something with this fabric!

After my long and arduous previous project, it was nice to ‘whip something up’!

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  1. I have been searching for this pattern but have been unsuccessful because it is out of print. Do you have any suggestions on where I may find this? Please help, I'm getting desperate. I really want to sew this one up. Thank you.

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