New Project – Vogue 1233 Pamella Roland Dress

New Project – Vogue 1233 Pamella Roland Dress

I am currently sewing together this dress:


To be honest, I did not think of sewing this dress until I had found the perfect fabric – and I did. If you belong to Fabric Marts swatch service, there was a silk with metallic threads linen type fabric that came in last months samples. Perfect for this dress. A little off grain, though – so it was a challenge to cut. Details to come….

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  1. Hi Kristin, I have been putting A LOT of sewing hours into this dress. I would say that although this pattern is not that advanced, there is a lot of tedious stuff! There was a lot of fiddling with the princess seams to get the fit exactly right. I found the sides popped out too much at the waist when I first tried it on, way more than the photos show. I took in quite a bit on each side just so that my hips didn't look a mile wide. Not sure what fabric you are using, but I used a fabric with definite lines in it, much like what Vogue used. Thus, I was very careful with cutting and staying on grain. The neck runs a bit large. I wish I had cut a smaller size at the neckline. It is a little gapey, but now with the collar attached, not so noticeable. What is taking me forever now is the damn sleeves. They are too poufy so I am reducing the cap slightly. Pictures and a blog posting forthcoming soon. I hope!

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