We’re moving to Napa, baby!

We’re moving to Napa, baby!

My husband and I have been pretty busy lately and I am happy to finally announce that we are moving –  to Napa!!! It took a long time and years of saving to realize this dream, but we finally found the perfect home in wine country for the two of us. It overlooks the Napa valley and beyond. Check out these views!

It’s going to be great to get out of our townhouse condo. Right now, we live about 45 minutes from Napa. We won’t be moving for quite some time, though. The home is a mid-century ranch and we are planning to do a complete remodel on it. We kind of HAVE to, that is. It’s falling apart in places.

When the inspector turned on the shower in the guest bathroom – water started gushing out of the side of the house!!!

Uh Oh!

But that’s all part of the fun!!! At least I think so. We already have a contractor and architect in place and we can’t wait to start tearing down some walls! I think a custom designed sewing room is in my future!! I’ve also started a blog – check out The Napa Project

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