What have I been working on lately?

What have I been working on lately?

My last post, I vowed to make an effort to post more. And 3 months later…erm, here’s my next post. I HAVE been sewing, though. My latest project has been a corduroy jacket. I saw this jacket on a retail site.

I thought the color and zig zag topstitching was nice.

And then I remembered that deep in the gallows of my fabric stash was a pinwale stretch corduroy in exactly the same colour. I ordered it online and actually hated the color when I got it and thought I would NEVER make anything with it. I was going to actually throw it out but my husband the enabler convinced me to hold onto it. Well, I can thank the husband for this one, because a year later, I love the color and I have been hard at work on this Burda Jacket from March 2009 – this is pattern number 111:

Details to come!

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