Something Easy For a Change!

Something Easy For a Change!

After my last difficult project, I decided to put the redo on hold and  go with something light and fluffy. This pattern was just right:
McCalls 5853

What a great deal this pattern is – 4 for the price of one. Although I doubt I will ever do the bubble bottom top, that is still 3 patterns – and I think I bought this pattern at the 99cent sale at Joanns!

I used a periwinkle blue activewear fabric from Fashion Fabrics Club when it was on sale for $3.95 a yard. (Does anyone else get frustrated with how pathetically SLOW their site is sometimes?? Especially the search function, which I use a lot).

I’m not usually a ruffles and frills type gal, but I think this is subtle and pretty, plus I love the asymmetric look of it. The only tricky part was the binding. I wasn’t fond of the way they have you do it because the fabric was pretty thin and I thought it would be a hot mess in my sewing machine or serger. I ended up using my sewing machine with a zipper foot OFF of the binding so that it would not get pulled and it worked pretty well.

 This frustration with binding prompted me to buy THIS:

No, it is not a medieval torture device. It is a double fold bias binder specifically for my Babylock Evolve serger coverstitch. I’m excited to try this out!!  Erm,  as soon as I figure out how the hell it works!

Anyway, I’m happy with the way my top turned out – and all for around 5 bucks, too!

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