Vogue – WTF?

Vogue – WTF?

My previous post praised Vogue’s new site look and new patterns. But today’s new offerings brings a wtf…I give you….

The Satin Burka


A new design from Chado Ralph Rucci.

Ralph, I love ya, I even bought the Star Trekkie pattern from last year. But an epic FAIL for this one. I can’t think of any way this would look flattering on anyone!

The I-want-my-ass-to-look-twice-as-big Jumpsuit


Really, Vogue – seriously?? There are no words! I am assuming since the model is wearing high heels that this is evening attire. If you are going to a restaurant, there is plenty of room in case you eat too much!

Another very odd dress:


All in all, I’m pretty underwhelmed.

4 thoughts on “Vogue – WTF?

  1. Hi Becky,
    Thanks for the comment. I actually never did do the latin dress but I do have all the materials for it tucked away in my fabric stash…

  2. Yeah What the?

    I was wondering if you did the orange latin dress??? If so could you put some pics up?

    I am about to start an orange latin dress too!!

    Love your work!!

    Melbourne Australia

  3. My grandmother had a poofy chenille robe that looks a lot like the Rucci dress. Who knew she was 30 years ahead of her time?

    And the jumpsuit? Totally toddler time.

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