Back to ballroom

Back to ballroom

josiedressskirt.jpgSo Dancing With The Stars started up again, and with that came new inspiration to make a ballroom dress. That…and I just bought 500 bucks worth of fabric from Denver Fabrics inventory liquidation. Okay, seriously, what could I do – the discounts were just STARING at me! Good deals on dancewear fabric are hard to pass up. I hope that the new owners keep selling the dance fabric. Although it looks like the site has been bought by Fashion Fabrics Club and there is no dancewear in site.

I haven’t decided what my first project will be but stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Back to ballroom

  1. Hi there. I was just browsing online and I ran into your blog. I'm a ballroom dancer and like so many before me, I just can't afford those high-priced dresses. Can I ask how much on average you charge for your dresses, like the burgundy one? Thanks!

  2. Well firstly, read my blog 🙂 I have tried to put a lot of useful information on here. A generic 'help me' doesn't really work, I don't know what help you want and I can't make the dress for you.
    If you have a specific question, ask away and I can try to help you.

  3. hello,i wonder if you could give me some advices how to make ballroom & latin dancesport costumes cause…well,i don't have enough mone to buy evan a dress that was weared…so please help me i want to make my own dance dresses please hel ,give me some advices

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