Something’s burning!

Something’s burning!

Gah! I have been struggling for a week with Burda World of Fashion August 2007 – 115 . I loved the shirt so much that I bought the issue off of Ebay. However, I was having such trouble with the collar band that I burned it slightly from ironing it so much! I wasn’t going to post this sad state, but it just goes to show that shit happens occasionally. In 15 years of sewing I don’t think I have made one collared shirt! I doubt very much I would have gotten very far if previous reviewers of this pattern had not posted pictures! Burda WOF magazine, I love ya. But I hate ya, too.


I’m working with a white stretch cotton that I bought over a year ago from Joann’s. I am pretty disappointed in the quality. It washed like a rag and it wrinkles very easily. This is going to be my muslin. If anyone has a line on poly/cotton stretch shirting, let me know!

I had a choice to keep the collar band in – but knowing myself, my gaze would continually fall to the burn area! So I ripped out the collar band and cut a new one and it has sewn in perfectly this time. Still have the top stitching and the arms to do, then I will post the finished product.

 I’ve ordered a stretch silk charmeuse for this pattern. Guess I am a glutton for punishment!

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