Diana the headless dressform gets a makeover

Diana the headless dressform gets a makeover

After years of hating the fact that my dress form is burgundy, I decided to do something about it. Yes, Diana had some plastic surgery with a glue gun. Does anyone know WHY they are burgundy? Personally, I would prefer the visual of a human like body when making clothes and as far as I know, there are no burgundy colored humans…

It turned out to be time consuming (about 4 hours) , but worth it in the end.

Materials Used:

glue gun

2 yards of fleshtone tricot knit from Denver Fabrics

If you have the dial-a-dummy like I do, it’s pretty easy to pop the various sections out. I started with the front top section, cut a piece of tactel around the same size as the section (no need to be exact here, it stretches) and started glue gunning the inner edges.

Once the heat cooled down (but we all know I burned all my fingers anyway!) I started wrapping the tactel around the section at the one glued edge and let dry.

Then I would go to the opposite edge, glue gun, stretch the tricot knit and stick.

I worked section by section, on a plastic matt, because GLUE WILL SPILL, TRUST ME. The trickiest part is gluing around the dials and cutting away the fabric from there so that it will not bulk.

And voila, a shiny, brand new Diana, with an actual fleshtone body!

5 thoughts on “Diana the headless dressform gets a makeover

  1. hi, I'm new to dress forms, and I'd like to purchase a dressform, but I'm unsure of doing this as I read many negative comments on stability and size adjusting matters.
    What is your opinion on these dressforms and which one is best to purchase? Thanks

  2. WOW! I am so impressed! I would love to do this to mine. It's not a bad color – grey, but it's all coming off. Hey – maybe I could just glue gun it down! There's a thought! hehehe.

  3. I know exactly what you mean.
    You are cleverer than me though. I made mine a tube-like tight cover with white teeshirt fabric. I made an elastic casing at the neck. The only problem is I do have to remove the cover if I want to change the size.
    You have it sussed!!!

  4. Oh come on, it's not so bad! The glue gun is your friend! I only burned 2 fingers and only one finger is now missing all fingerprint lines.

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