Fugly patterns – again!

Fugly patterns – again!

Well, I have been away for a little while haven’t I – stuck on my computer and not being able to sew that much makes me sad…….. I’ve made ONE pair of bermuda shorts and one pair of mountain biking pants this summer. Pathetic!

I would like to thank everyone for the nice comments on my wedding dress.

Okay, on to fugly patterns. I’ve just gone through Vogue’s new fall collection. Although I see some nice ones, I also see some definite fugly.
Have a look at V2977.

Now look at the Peter Pan halloween costume.

Seriously. Aren’t they a little too similar??

Now don’t go running out to buy this pattern because you think it will make you fly!

2 thoughts on “Fugly patterns – again!

  1. Hi Kayli,
    You can buy stretch lycra fabrics from just about anywhere. What matters is weight, drape, and flow. You want the fabric heavy enough that it will move nicely, but not to heavy to weigh the dress down. Depending on if you stone the dress, it will get very heavy and the last thing you want to do is be sweating in your outfit.
    Most importantly, the fabric needs to flow well when you dance. I usually like to see fabrics in person to test this.
    I bought a lot of fabrics in the fabric district of LA, however that particular dress was made from swimsuit lycra and polyester chiffon from Joanns! Occasionally they will sell less shiny lycras that will work well for a dress.I bought some white lace and fabric painted it burgundy for the neck and sleeves.
    Also, try Denver Fabrics online. They are selling off their inventory and everything is 30% off. They have a HUGE selection of dance fabrics and stretch lace.
    Good luck!

  2. I just want you to know that as a ballroom dancer, I am very impressed with the work you've done.

    I have recently started trying to learn how to sew to hopefully eliminate one of the major costs of dancing… and I'm really enjoying it! I have been learning a lot, but advice from any venue is always appreciated.

    Primarily, I was wondering what kind of fabric you generally use for the body of the dress (such as the burgundy dress in your earliest posts) and where you could get a fabric like that.

    Anyway, its nice to see a regular person who can sew these beautiful dresses. It gives me hope!


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