Burda World of Fashion, Oh My!

Burda World of Fashion, Oh My!

I finally bit the bullet and bought a couple copies of Burda World of Fashion Magazine from Sewbaby. I was really excited when got them in the mail. I knew they came with nice patterns, but I had no idea how many! There are approx 20 patterns an issue! And most are incredibly fashionable and trendy. I decided to start with a fairly easy pattern. I chose a pair of capri pants that consisted of only 4 pieces. The technical drawing looked really nice, as in it had interesting lines. The photo, well, good grief the model is lying down! And in another photo of the same capris, the fabric is a large floral print which makes it impossible to see any of the detail.

  • Pattern: Burda World of Fashion 03/2007 112B
  • Fabric: From my stash. It was originally bright blue, but I attempted to dye it black and I ended up with a dark murky blue. It is some kind of nylon rayon blend with a slight crosswise stretch.
  • Materials: Tissue paper for tracing the pattern, dressmakers curve for copying the curvy parts, 7 inch zipper for the front fly.

Tracing the pattern proved difficult at first. The patterns are drawn out overlapping other patterns on large sheets of newsprint. The only way to differentiate one pattern from another is that they are different colors. And they do not include a seam allowance. I read several hints on Pattern Review on tracing the patterns and I decided not to add the seam allowance but to add it after when I cut the fabric – which worked out ok. I added 2 inches to the length as they looked a wee bit short for my height.
There are front pockets on either side and rather than a separate back pocket piece, the pocket back and back leg are one piece.
First step was to attach the front pocket piece to the front:

Then flip it over and topstitch it:

The hardest part was attaching the back and the back pocket piece and not getting bags showing with the pocket. I made sure to try them on and pin the top of the pockets in place so there would be not puckering or bagginess.

Things were fairly easy after that. The front seam is topstitched, and there are two back darts. The front fly did not have an underfly piece, so I made one from another pattern ( you never know when you might be caught with your fly down!)

I had been very generous with my sizing as it seems that Burda fits are quite snug. The pants fit perfect, but the waistband needed to come in about 2 inches. I adjusted the darts accordingly.

And voila, the finished product. All in all, a pretty simple pattern, save for the waistband adjusting. I was just going to use this fabric as my muslin, but they look nice enough to wear out and they look really cute with low heels!

3 thoughts on “Burda World of Fashion, Oh My!

  1. Thanks, Dawn, Leora!
    I was really happy with the capris. Now I am tackling a BWOF top – blouse 103 in the March Issue. Someone just did a review of it on PR. It seems it is just sized for an a cup and I'm a c. I made a muslin and I have to make some major adjustments – which means the dreaded – full bust adjustment. It's time I learned 🙂

  2. I just found your blog and I'll definitely be visiting often (even though I was thrilled that Jeffrey won PR!)

    Burda pants are known for their superior fit. I've been getting WOF for, I don't know, about 10 years. I love it. When I want to do some "serious sewing," I use WOF patterns.


  3. You're right, those are cute! Don't you love it when a pattern fits without much tinkering? Good looking pants!

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