Marfy Patterns

Marfy Patterns

Got an email this week that Vogue is carrying Marfy Patterns. Actually, I think they have been on there for about a year, but seem to have expanded the number of patterns recently.
I don’t know much about them, other than that they are an Italian company with very beautiful and elaborate designs. I have seen some nice outfits made from them on Pattern Review. I looked through what Vogue is offering and they look very nice. But on closer reading, the patterns a) do not come with a design picture (however you can print it off of the Vogue site) or b) seam allowances or c)EGADS! NO INSTRUCTIONS?!?!?

“Note: This will be your only visual reference of the design, even after you receive your pattern, as Marfy patterns DO NOT come with illustrated envelopes or instruction sheets. “

A and b, I can live with, but for patterns as complicated as these pictured, I need some frackin instructions! Also, it is not multi-sized so you better be pretty darn accurate with your measurements.

Gosh, though, they are tempting – so chic looking compared to some of the potato sack crap out there. Curious to know if anyone is going to try them out. Is it worth plonking down 16 dollars for an instruction-less pattern?

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  1. I would be interested if you went for it – I found your post via a google search, when looking if they had Marfy drawings on the web, to show to a friend in the UK. I have known Marfy for ages, because my sister is a seamstresser and she got many of their pattern collections at home. She doesn't buy the patterns, though, she just draws them sized to the "end user" after seeing the drawing on the book – well, it's her job after all! She told me, however, that if you know the basics of dressmaking and sewing it should be no problem in using the patterns, even if they do not give any instructions…

  2. Do you know the pattern number of the green marfy dress image you have posted? I am a ballroom dancer, and I design my own gowns. I would love to purchase this Marfy pattern as a gown base.

  3. I think you CAN do it! Follow directions from a big 4 pattern sheet and keep a reference book handy. You'll make it work, I'm sure of it!!

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