Cheap Fabric

Cheap Fabric

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the fashion district of L.A.. I wish I knew it better, I felt rather trapped in Michael Levines as the surrounding area is a little seedy, shall we say. You can very quickly end up in a bad area. Or perhaps I am just used to my squeaky clean Toronto haunts. Hm.

Firstly, as my husbands business was near LAX, I had to take a cab. No problem, I was told, it’s about 20 minutes. Little did I know that 20 minutes = 45 fricken dollars! I spent about 4 hours in Michael Levines, and honestly, it is very easy to spend THAT amount of time there. I bought 4 different fabrics, two from the bargain bin. The others were a nice faux suede and a black with white polka dots silk chiffon – 7 dollars a yard! I’ve been dying to make this dress from Vogue but it requires approx 6 yards of fabric. I really wanted to make it in silk chiffon so I waited until I could afford something. I seem to have done it again, the fabric looks exactly like the pattern cover!

I already made a top with one of the bargain fabrics from a New Look pattern. It was one of those aggravating ones that should have been easy. The top is ok, I wore it. But I think I secretly resent it for causing me so much frustration. You hear that, top? My full review and more pictures are on PatternReview here

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