Project Runway – My Rant

Project Runway – My Rant

Cutting into my sewing post with a personal rant. Okay, how did Jeffrey win?? His clothes sucked. Period. Irregular hemlines are so – 2 years ago! And the green striped dress? Uggggggh. Zippers inserted all over the place? More like how 80’s. I saw nothing innovative or remotely creative so I don’t know what the judges were smoking that day. I think only one person they interviewed after the runway shows said they liked Jeffrey’s collection. I really like Uli’s collection and at least she came in second, although she deserved to win. She really went out of her usual large prints zone and made some nice pieces that a woman would want to wear. But there’s no drama with her, is there? She is just too nice.
It now seems clear to me that in order to win you have to be an egotistical bonehead.

Okay, I’m done.

2 thoughts on “Project Runway – My Rant

  1. OMG. Now I know you are my long lost twin. I am sad for Project Runway because the element of "find new upcoming talent" is missing. It was great when Jay won but so anti-climatic when Jeffrey won. Make that unbelieveable.
    Designers this season are showing lots of garbage but what can you expect with neverending impossible deadlines and ridiculous themes. They churn out unwearable disasters and then are expected to design a "cohesive collection"… just doesn't make sense anymore. Since they have all the freakin time in the world why not take a week on a project to allow thoughtful design, masterful construction and fantastic finishing touches. Higher level creations that can be truly pitted against each other and judged for real. But no. The excitement is gone. Jeffrey took it with him to INC, I guess. Yeah, I'm done too. humph! LOL

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