Long time,no blog!

Long time,no blog!

Eee, It’s been two months since my last post and I have no excuse other than I have been doing my website work like crazy. I also took a trip to Alberta for a client to photograph her herd of 200 horses and am now sorting through the hundreds of photos and video footage!

So what happened with the black dress, you ask? Well, I finished it. And I took some pictures along the way. This first picture is me just beginning to stone the back of it by putting a border of stones around the edge. Next I started working down in a triangle direction down the center of the back. I would dollop dots of glue on and then place the stones on with tweezers. It sounds exhaustive, but once you get the hang of it, you can start slapping those stones on fairly quickly! I added large teardrop stones as a variation and I really liked how they looked! I add the stones strictly by eye. I cluster them very closely at the back opening and down the center back, then start to spread them further apart as I spread out. You have to do certain sections, then wait a couple hours for the glue to dry or else you end up accidently moving the stones and then you are left with a glue stain.
Pictured to the right is the finished back. I risked running out of purple stones so I decided to do a combination purple/crystal ab on the straps and it worked out quite well. And I didn’t have to buy more stones! I started to add the smoky black crystals to the body of the dress. I decided to not go overboard with them.

Pictured to the left is the finished front. As you can see, the keyhole opening is quite large. I originally had sewn in a bra, but I decided against this. I will include sew in cups when I sell the dress. Cup sizes vary and I would hate to do all that work sewing in a bra and it is the wrong cup size for the person who buys it. If the key hole is too large for a larger cup sized woman, I thought I would provide a sew in nude underlay for the keyhole, which will stabilize it.

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