Challenge of the 2 Dresses

Challenge of the 2 Dresses

Both dresses are now finished! I am really happy with how the black dress turned out. I have since shipped them down to my friend (about 2 weeks ago) and she is going to try them out and decide which one she likes when she has some time. I asked her to take pictures of herself dancing in them so you can see the dresses on a real ballroom dancer! I hope one of them works out? So which one do you think she will choose????
The Ruby Shoes Dress?


The Tatum Dress?

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  1. Your gowns are gorgeous. I have a simple question, when you stitch around the neck and arm edges do you use a zig zag. When I have made swim wear and exercise outfits from lycra in the past that was how I finished or top stitched the fabric. Any help would be appreciated.

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