Getting Stoned

Getting Stoned

Well, what else could I call it?! I figured I would go with the same theme.

It’s been a while since my last post. Unfortunately, real work was calling and I did not get a chance to start stoning the dress until last week. I’m using Tanzanite colored crystals for around the edges and neck straps. I started first with the border around the keyhole. To be honest, it’s not rocket science. I just use my Aleenes Jewel Glue, and my trusty Tweezerman tweezers. I dab glue on the fabric where I want the stone to go and I use my tweezers to stick it on. I do most of the stoning by eye and use a ruler where appropriate. I work in sections, being careful to work from left to right so as not to smush what I have already glued.

I try not to use a uniform pattern – the end result looks better if the stones are placed randomly. I am going to use a teardrop stone as a contrast around the neckline and see how it looks.

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