The Ballroom Dress – how it started

The Ballroom Dress – how it started

How I got to this point is a VERY long story, but the short version: Way back when, Sue was my dressage trainer and an amateur ballroom dancer. One day I mentioned I sewed. Sue needed a dress for a competition and couldn’t afford the high price tags for a dress. Thus began the long journey to making a dress for her. Being fairly new to California, I did not know a heck of a lot of places to buy fabric, let alone make a ballroom dress. Sadly, the dress was a disaster, due mostly to not following my gut. I learned a lot from this experience.

Back to present day. After that I was determined to make the dress I had originally envisioned for her so over the last year I have been making it in my spare time. Sue has since moved to southern Cal. but on a recent visit I had her try on the dress and she loved it. And it fit her perfectly – yeah me!! I have to finish stoning it, but the structure is completed. I will post pictures when the stoning is done.

Sue is going to be competing with her professional partner Victor, at the Emerald Ball in May and she wants to wear my dress!

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